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Are You Looking for Coffee Machine that Occupies Less Space?


Adding another appliance into the plenty of equipments, utensils and accessories eats the precious space your lovely home has to live with comfort. This ‘space issue’ often confuses the coffee lovers who are looking to purchase a new machine.

Luckily, don’t break your head any more.Nescafe, world’s one of the popular brand, has a machine perfectly suit to your kitchen congested with appliances. Nescafe Dolce Gusto machine which needs only a space of 38.6 x 32.4 x 31.6 cm will make you say it loud: small is beautiful. Why? There are 3 reasons:

1. Even though that tiny and cute Dolce Gusto machine needs only a very small place to accommodate itself, the taste of coffee it produces is very ‘big’ like any other larger machines can make for you.

2. A value pack of the brand is available now as a giveaway which contains free capsules of Dolce Gusto worth more than half the machine price. Wow! Now you got it’s not small. Isn’t it?

3. Machine is compatible to capsules for other brands too. It means simple: Nescafe sells you the machine on throw away price with the hope that you will go back them to buy their capsule again. However, you have the freedom not to buy them and to choose another capsule from a different brand for a change. Dolce Gusto machine is flexible enough to produce coffee from that capsules either. They will give a full year warranty too. You can approach any of Dolce Gusto stores available in your city during the warranty period.

Deal is fantastic! So book your one before value pack stocks out

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