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Frequently Asked Questions about Saachi Coffee Maker


Frequently asked questions about Saachi coffee maker, one of the popular espresso machine among coffee lovers, is answered here

Q. What types of coffee can be prepared by Saachi Coffee Maker?

A. Using Saachi Coffee Maker, you can prepare all types of coffee including espresso, cafe latte, and cappuccino

Q.Can you tell me one special feature about this machine?

A. It has a steam nozzle which will enable you to add froth to your coffee and make it more appealing.

Q. What are key features of Saachi Coffee Maker?

A.150 ml Boiler Capacity, 15 bar Steam Pressure, Combination Coffee Machine and its Aluminium coffee filter are the key features of this machine

Q. What’s the price? Is there any offer to purchase?

A.You will find that this is a machine with very reasonable price of AED 499. Moreover, you can buy the machine now on a whopping 54% discount for AED 292 saving AED 207.

Q. What are  general specifications of the machine?

A: Name of the Brand: Saachi , Weight of the Package: 5 Kg , Filter: Aluminium coffee filter , Beverage Form: Powder ,Water tank capacity: 1.6 Litre, Bar Pressure: 15 Bar, Model Number: NL-COF-7056, Type of the Machine: Combination Coffee Machine, Color: Silver, Power Management:850 Watt

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