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Green Coffee Pure & MaxMedix Intensive Colon Cleanse Superfood & Detox Bundle


The Green Coffee & Intensive Colon Cleanse combopack is an all-rounder combination that can help to remove waste and toxins from the body whilst converting stored fats into energy.
With the easy 14 day course of the Intensive colon cleanse you can help to detox the digestive system whilst the Green Coffee Pure supplement simultaneously helps to replenish any needed minerals and boost the metabolism to lead the way for healthy weight loss.

Powerful 7000mg strength of pure green coffee
Helps detox and cleanse the colon
Easy 14 day colon cleanse course
Contains 100% natural ingredients
Made in the UK to high GMP standards
Easy to swallow capsules

To ensure this efficient combination is giving you the best it can, they have both been made in the UK to high GMP standards using only high-quality natural ingredients. Green Coffee Pure contains only pure green coffee extract with no fillers or binders and the Intensive Colon Cleanse uses a unique formula of plant-based ingredients to help avoid any side effect.

What is Green Coffee?
Amazing Benefits of Drinking Green Coffee Regularly

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