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How to Make Chemex Coffee?


  • * Boil water in 205 degree and letting it sit for 30 seconds.
  • * Place the Chemex filter in the top of the brewer, ensuring that the filter’s 3-layered side is compatible with the pouring spout.
  • * Pour boiled water inside of the filter. Hold the filter in place and drain the rinse water. Rinsing the filter helps seal the filter inside the dripper and removes any paper flavour.
  • * When using pre-ground coffee, grind it on a slightly coarser setting than medium. Otherwise, pour ground coffee into the filter and shake the brewer gently to settle the beans.
  • * Start your timer and slowly pour enough water over the grounds to uniformly wet them, for 45 seconds. This is called bloom.
  • 8 Start pouring gradually not to spill straight into the middle or around the filter edges. If the water level gets close to the Chemex point, pause for a moment before continuing to let it drain. Stop pouring until 2:45 hits the timer.
  • * Let all of the water drain. Remove the filter and grounds from the dripper.
  • * Then serve and enjoy. 

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