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How to Make Espresso?


  • Fill the reservoir of your espresso machine or hook up its water line.
  • Then turn on your engine to heat up. That can take 15–45 minutes. 

  • If you have a temperature display on your machine, make sure that once your water reaches the brewing temperature, you allow the rest of the machine to continue heating until the remaining temperature remains stable. This may include the head of the group, the portafilter and any other internal components that require more energy than water to reach a stable climate.
  • Check the fineness of your grind, you’ll need very finely ground coffee.
  • Grind coffee into your portafilter basket, normally 18–21g as determined by the measure your basket is made for.
  • Ensure the ground coffee is settled and distributed evenly throughout the basket before tamping, either by using a manual tapping / shaking / settling process or by using a distribution machine.
  • Tamp your dose of coffee firmly with your tamper, aiming to be as even as possible.
  • Carefully lock your portfilter into the head of the group. Place your vessel and scale under the portafilter and start the brew, either by hiring your pre-infusion setting or by hiring the pump to start brewing.
  • Stop the pump just before your extraction hits the target yield and let your brew finish with the last few drips out of the portafilter.
  • Just blend, sip, and enjoy, or combine the espresso with your other ingredients to make your tasty cocktail.

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