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How to Use Nespresso Machines?


Nespresso machines offer a very convenient and quick way to get coffee, work closely to pod- and K-cup-based coffee brewers, although there are a couple of key variations.

Nespresso machines are more focused on making drinks in the espresso form, not flavored coffees or teas. Once you’ve got your coffee maker, you’ll need to buy and insert a small capsule of ground coffee beans. Its capsules will not fit into other brands ‘ units, and vice-versa.

How to make

  • 1.Fill the water tank at least halfway, putting more water in the tank reduces the risk of the ground coffee being scorched off.
  • 2.Turn on the Nespresso machine
  • 3.Place a mug of the right size under the coffee hole
  • 4.Open the container of the capsule. If you have any trouble locating the place, make sure that with the help of manual.
  • 5.Put the Nespresso pod into the machine and close the lid.
  • 6.Press the button and select the right size, if the choice is given. Most Nespresso machines only have one button, but if yours has more than one, choose the one that fits the size cup you want to make.
  • 7.Lift the lever to eject the capsule used.
  • 8.If you want, add milk, cream or sugar to your coffee.