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CoffeeShoppee.ae gets 50 thousand visitors in july 2015

UAE’s first virtual coffee mall has received fifty thousand visitors last month; a landmark number for the virtual coffee mall that is less than 6 months old.According to Askar Usman the CEO of CoffeeShoppee.ae, “When we started CoffeeShoppee in September of 2014, we weren’t expecting to get fifty thousand coffee lovers to visit our site.”Askar added, “But in the space of a few months, word has got around about the site and thousands of coffee lovers are visiting the website on a monthly basis. In fact, we have been overwhelmed by the response and have difficulty meeting consumer orders for coffee beans and coffee accessories.”In a region where e-commerce has been growing exponentially, the rise of sites like coffeeshoppe.com is a clear indication of the coming growth in niche e-commerce sites.In the last few years, we have seen the regional rise of e-commerce activity in the electronics, clothing, books, travel and the hotel industry. Now, we are witnessing the growth of niche segments like coffee beans and exotic coffee.Askar said, “Besides coffee beans for roasting, we are inundated with orders for Coffee Machines for offices and cafes, coffee grinders for homes and even Arabic Coffee Cup Sets. Several prominent cafes are also interested in becoming our Roasting Partners, as we can refer coffee lovers to their outlets and they can get uninterrupted supply of high quality coffee beans from us