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Okka Turkish Coffee Machine Offer

Okka Turkish Coffee Machine

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OKKA Turkish Coffee Maker

  • Automatic Turkish Coffee Machine
  • Direct To Cup
  • Ideal Taste With Foam
  • “Slow Brewing” Feature For Extra Pleasure
  • Self Cleaning
  • One Or 2 Cups Option
  • 3- Level Cup Size Selection
  • Auto Boiling Altitude Detection System

Machine Description

OKKA Turkish Coffee machine with its “Direct to Cup” feature, OKKA guarantees the perfectly prepared Turkish coffee experience every single time. The machine distributes the foam evenly and with its slow cooking feature, it gives you the pleasure of the Turkish coffee slowly brewed on ember. OKKA Turkish coffee machines offers selection of three different cup sizes and self cleaning feature on the touch of a button

Machine Details

  • Rated Voltage 220 V~240 V, 50/60 Hz
  • Rated Power 710 W
  • Normal Brewing 1-2 minute*
  • Slow Brewing 4-5 minute*
  • Water Chamber Capacity 950 ml (800 ml)
  • Waste Water Chamber Capacity 350ml
  • Product Weight 3.5 kg
  • Colors : Black and White

How Can You Experience Okka Turkish Coffee With Arzum Okka?

  • Selection of the coffee: Please use newly roasted powder fine ground Turkish coffee.
  • Portion adjustment: Add 1 Arzum Okka measuring spoon (5-7 gram) Turkish coffee per cup into the brewing chamber.
  • Sugar : If desired, add enough sugar according to your taste.
  • Cup size selection : Please press the single or double cup selection
  • Brewing : When brewing is finished, your Turkish coffee of ideal taste and foam will be served automatically into your cup(s)


Having brought a new dimension to the coffee tradition, Arzum Okka came back with an award from the Red Dot Design Competition, where the Oscars of the design world are granted annually.

Guaranteeing the perfectly prepared Turkish coffee experience with its “direct to cup” and “self-cleaning” features every single time, Arzum OKKA is deemed worthy of the Red Dot Design Award, which is considered to be among the most comprehensive and prestigious design awards in the world.

Arzum OKKA has been evaluated in terms of product features and design and took pride in being awarded in the category of Coffee Machines due to its success in translating a traditional method of preparation into a contemporary product and evoking the classical can with its copper coloured design elements.

The award was granted in the evening of 7 July 2014 with a ceremony held in Essen, Germany, demonstrating Arzum OKKA’s success in the international arena as well.

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