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Top 7 Ice Coffee Options that can Cool Your Souls in the Soaring Temperature

Top 7 Ice Coffee Options that can Cool Your Souls in the Soaring Temperature

As the heat wave continues to strike across the region, we are listing out for you 7 iced coffee options that are getting traction among coffee lovers.

1. Nescafe Ready To Drink Latte Chilled Coffee Can 240ml (6 Cans)
Chilled latte from Nescafe contains coffee, skimmed milk, sugar and sweetener. Its available ready to drink can format
2. City Cafe’ – Ice Coffee – Vanilla (6 pcs x 240ml)
City Cafe’s iced coffee in can format can make you a fan of vanilla flavored coffee3.Nescafe Dolce Gusto Cappuccino Ice Coffee Capsules (48 Capsules for 24 Cups)
Nescafe’s famed Dolce Gusto is now available in ice coffee capsules format

4.City Cafe’ – Ice Coffee – Mocha (6 pcs x 240ml)
Mocha flavor blend will  cool your soul which comes from City Cafe

Nescafe Ready to Drink Mocha Chilled Coffee, ( 240ml, 6 cans)

Light roast Mocha in 240 ml  ready to drink in can format is available for delivery

6.Nescafe Ready To Drink Original Chilled Coffee Can ( 240ml, 6 Cans)
If you are looking low fat, go for this delicious and original product which contains only 99 calories

7.City Cafe’ – Iced Coffee – Light (6 pcs x 240ml)
City Cafe’s light and low fat blends for conscious coffee lovers across the board

Have a try, please comment your experiences.
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What Does Make BLACK +DECKER Turkish Coffee Machine a Perfect Compact Option?

black decker post


BLACK +DECKER Turkish coffee machine is trending among Turkish coffee lovers looking for compact machine option. Now, lets go to some of frequently asked questions regarding the machine.

Q. How smooth the operation of BLACK +DECKER Turkish coffee machine?
A. Features such as auto shut off and boil dry have made to ensure smooth operation of  BLACK +DECKER Turkish coffee machine.

Q. What’s the key highlights of the machine?
A. Opti-sense technology to prevent overflowing of coffee, cordless design to optimise portability and storage are some of the highlights of BLACK +DECKER Turkish coffee machine.

Q.. What’s the price? Is there any offer available?
A. Dh 499 is the normal price. But don’t pay it. Go to CoffeeShoppee.ae and use our coupon code to grab discounts available for this or other similar coffee machines.


Q.What is the coupon code available to get offer?

Don’t Pay Full Amount. Use our coupon code AMAZON15 to get exciting discount

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BLACK+DECKER Concealed Coil Electric Kettle

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Eid gift ideas that will express your love and care to your loved ones each day


Gifts are always sharing and expressing your love to your loved ones. Because love is a human expression to share and express. You can’t contain it with yourself. You have to let it flow outward.
Festive time is an ideal occasion to share your most tender emotion to your moms, dads, wives, lovers, daughters, sons, friends or anybody you love. Countries in Middle East gift their beloved mostly on the eve of Eid ul Fitr that comes after a month long fasting from dawn to dusk each day.
Gifts, most significantly, are an expression of your care too. Eid 2020 which falls on the days of the world’s first modern pandemic, Covid 19, will go to history as an Eid without handshakes and hugs which are the integral of the festivity. Strict advisories authorities worldwide issued to the public is continuing to keep you socially distanced. Use the power of gifts to keep you emotionally connected with your loved ones.
Here are the seven Eid gift ideas that will express your love and care to your loved ones each day when they start their day in the morning.
1.OKKA Turkish Coffee Machine

أوكا صانع القهوة التركية okka turkish coffee_coffeeshoppee.ae


2.Saachi Coffee Maker
Saachi Coffee Maker a Best Option Today
3.Nescafe Dolce Gusto Mini Me Coffee Machine
4.BLACK +DECKER Turkish Coffee Machine
5.Coffee Capsule Holder Pod Stand 
6.Double Wall Insulated & Transparent Coffee Cups

Double Wall Insulated & Transparent Coffee Cups أكواب قهوة معزولة بجدار مزدوج معزول وشفافة

7.De’Longhi Dedica Style Pump Espresso Machine Red
de lomghi 2

Coffee Turns as A True Friend in Quarantine


Coffee increasingly becomes a companion of the human race when the world goes to an unprecedented lock down due to the outbreak of an epidemic called Covid-19.  New found coffee lovers as well as traditional coffee drinkers take various social media platforms to express their passion for the famed beverage and to inspire their friends and followers about the coffee way they had to weather the turbulent corona time.

@veronicaa338 from Dubai took twitter on Saturday to reveal the world about her ‘discovery’ that it is coffee which makes her ‘cheerful although’ she is in quarantine. She attached a gif of a smiling coffee cup.

Another twitterati from Dubai, @paulredl4, hopes that “just having enough coffee and cake will make things with you very well to stay safe and strong”.

Whenever I feed down, I remind myself that animals, music, books, coffee and food still exist, tweets @EngMaryaam from Dubai.

A fun aunt and an Asian viking deist who drinks a lot of coffee, as per her twitter bio, is in good mood telling world that she was “watching #TrainToBusan in a cold room with thick sheets and hot coffee. Not so bad Saturday”.

“You know what I wanna do? Take loads of cool photos during the lockdown & then once it’s over, get them printed and turn my room’s wall into an art gallery type thing. My mate was telling me to print the coffee photo and I think it would look cool on the wall” – tweet of @AishaSY__, a Dubai brand manager and COO of a tech start up, reflects the mood of the world in lock down which is full of optimism and survival strategies rather than predicting doomsday.   A cup with a coffee, definitely, can offer a lot, in this trouble time too.

What’s your experience with coffee in lock down. Share your thoughts now

What Precautions Do You Have to Take to Avoid COVID19 if You’re a Coffee Lover ?


Are you a true coffee lover?

Do you miss your coffee friends and hangouts during this pandemic period even after lock down removed many part of the world?

Here are some precautions you have to take…

* Clean your stuffs

After each time you use it, clean your equipments such as coffee makers, cups and other accessories and machines by using good quality sanitizers or soaps. Before cleaning up your coffee maker, you must read the user guide and strictly follow instructions. If you are going to cafe to have coffee, ensure cafes are following the hygiene protocol given by local authorities

* Sanitise your hands

Don’t forget to continue sanitizing your hands with soap and water for at least 20 seconds or use a hand sanitizer that contains at least 60 % of alcohol once you happened to blow your nose, cough or sneeze.  And also clean as much as possible of every surface you touch throughout the day.

* Buy your products online

In response to Covid 19, many of cities are still having a continuing shutdown of restaurants, coffee shops etc. to save our lives. Buy your favorite coffee and products from online to support this initiative and to be safe.

* Stay safe at home

Try to stay at home as possible as, avoid crowds and hangouts to stop the spread of novel coronavirus. Have your favorite coffee at home and continue enjoying a nice time with your loved ones.

* Use disposable things

Use disposable cups and plates. Disposable goods provide the ease of on-the-go use without the need for cleaning.  And it allows us to avoid the spread of the virus in any way.

* Keep safe distance

Social distancing is an important thing to continue to avoid virus spread during this pandemic period. Try to keep a safe distance even you are at home. If you have guests, try to make distance by treating them well

* Follow directions from concerned authorities

Governments across the globe and agencies including WHO work tirelessly to save lives. They make effective use of every available resource and technology. In the most alarming situation, follow  the instructions given by the government carefully without recourse to fake news.

Stay up-to-date on the Covid – 19.

Do you think more things to be added in the list of precautions, share your thoughts in the comments

Corona: How to Prevent the Spread of Virus

cs corona

Stay Home, Relax and Have More Coffee are Among the Best Ways to Break the Chain in Spreading of COVID -19

Coronavirus(COVID-19) is a new strain that was discovered in 2019. It has not been previously identified in humans. Coronaviruses (CoV) are a large family of viruses that cause illness ranging from the common cold to more severe diseases such as Middle East Respiratory Syndrome (MERS-CoV) and Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome (SARS-CoV).Coronaviruses are zoonotic, meaning they are transmitted between animals and people.

Common signs of infection include respiratory symptoms, fever, cough, shortness of breath and difficulties in breathing. In more severe cases, infection can cause pneumonia, severe acute respiratory syndrome, kidney failure and even death.

7 steps to Prevent Spread of the Virus:-

1.  Wash your hands frequently

2.Avoid touching your eyes, nose & mouth

3.Cover your cough with the bend of your elbow or tissue

4.Avoid crowded places

5.Stay at home if you feel unwell

6.If you have fever and cough, seek medical care.

7.Stay aware of the latest information from WHO or your local medical authorities.

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What is Cappuccino?


A cappuccino is a popular Italian coffee drink made with steamed milk and milk foam topping off a shot of espresso.