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Ramadan Kareem Offers for Coffee

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Ahlan Ramadan!!!

CoffeeShoppee greets you Ramadan Kareem, the month of giving and forgiving.

Ramadan comes this year when the world is fighting with its first modern epidemic, Covid 19, that so far killed thousands worldwide putting a major chunk of its population into an unprecedented lock down for weeks.

We take this opportunity to salute health workers worldwide, who brave the virus in the front line and save the lives, along with governments, international organisations, corporate houses and NGOs. We hope a fastest return into normal life.

Governments across the globe take responsible steps to ensure nobody is left without essentials in lock down.

The giants in e-commerce are struggling to deliver its customers even after flexing its logistic muscle to meet burgeoning demand arising out of the situation where in cafes, shops, malls and streets shut down.

We, at CoffeeShoppee, have been trying this time to reach coffee lovers with warnings against spread of Covid 19, tips to stay home enjoying their favorite drink and recommendations on stellar options of coffee to choose in quarantine.

Here are some coffee products to try this Ramadan, some of them are with discount only available with CoffeeShoppee. Use coupon code AMAZON15 to get it. Valid up to 30th April 2020

Nespresso Inissia c40 Red


Starbucks Blonde Espresso Roast Nespresso Coffee Capsules
starbuck capsule
Beko Single Pot Turkish Coffee Machine – BKK2300
beko maker
Fakir Compact Turkish Coffee Maker
Latte Macchiato Dolce Gusto Capsules
Lavazza Blue Top Class Double Coffee
lavzza double 
Kurukahveci Mehmet Efendi 500 g
Kurukahveci Mehmet Efendi Coffee 250gm


Enchanting Cafe Experience Missing? Here’s the Way


As the shut down rules the world due to the epidemic, covid 19, coffee lovers across continents miss that aroma, romance and ambience at a ritzy cafe. Sitting at a favorite cafe sipping the ingenious, genuine and perfect coffee experiencing the waves it creates at numerous brain nerves has become a nostalgic memory. Coffee drinkers never thought their cafes will be keep closed so long period that they are least prepared for this lifestyle sans cafe.

But don’t be upset. Nothing is constant. This corona time will go away and will give way for a better coffee life. Coffee culture will thrive in the new world that will be more sophisticated, and more significantly, more digitized than that in pre-corona era.

Like many of the major events in recent past in the world, corona epidemic is also acting as a catalyst in the process of increasingly digitalising human life. Companies in all sectors embrace digital transformation in an unprecedented pace. Customers in post corona era will demand more digital experience and offerings in products and services.

Businesses, whether small or big, in coffee industry cannot evade this trend. Being a popular beverage and youthfulness in nature, the force of change in coffee will be immense. Naturally, many of the existing players will tread and slip away in due course.

Taking the cue, Starbucks, the world’s largest cafe chain, launched a campaign #StarbuckAtHome which trends in social media channels. By the campaign they ensure that in the lock down no customer is left behind without his/her favorite coffee from Starbucks. You can use the coupon code AMAZON15 and claim extra discounts for Starbucks coffee products here

CoffeeShoppee, your ultimate destination for reviews in shopping coffee products and news in coffee industry, kicked its efforts to serve the new demand by resetting tone and tenor of its content and functions in its ensuing endeavour to fulfill the needs of coffee lovers with the best of the recommendations, reviews, views and many more. Now, you will find at CoffeeShoppee the best options for coffee and its machines that can make your home a literal cafe that serve you coffee which can even the biggest cafe brand match.

End of the day, you are the winner. In the process, you can save time and money, the most valuable commodities in human life, in a big way.

You need a better coffee while you are staying home missing cafe experience. Here are some stellar options

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Coffee Turns as A True Friend in Quarantine


Coffee increasingly becomes a companion of the human race when the world goes to an unprecedented lock down due to the outbreak of an epidemic called Covid-19.  New found coffee lovers as well as traditional coffee drinkers take various social media platforms to express their passion for the famed beverage and to inspire their friends and followers about the coffee way they had to weather the turbulent corona time.

@veronicaa338 from Dubai took twitter on Saturday to reveal the world about her ‘discovery’ that it is coffee which makes her ‘cheerful although’ she is in quarantine. She attached a gif of a smiling coffee cup.

Another twitterati from Dubai, @paulredl4, hopes that “just having enough coffee and cake will make things with you very well to stay safe and strong”.

Whenever I feed down, I remind myself that animals, music, books, coffee and food still exist, tweets @EngMaryaam from Dubai.

A fun aunt and an Asian viking deist who drinks a lot of coffee, as per her twitter bio, is in good mood telling world that she was “watching #TrainToBusan in a cold room with thick sheets and hot coffee. Not so bad Saturday”.

“You know what I wanna do? Take loads of cool photos during the lockdown & then once it’s over, get them printed and turn my room’s wall into an art gallery type thing. My mate was telling me to print the coffee photo and I think it would look cool on the wall” – tweet of @AishaSY__, a Dubai brand manager and COO of a tech start up, reflects the mood of the world in lock down which is full of optimism and survival strategies rather than predicting doomsday.   A cup with a coffee, definitely, can offer a lot, in this trouble time too.

What’s your experience with coffee in lock down. Share your thoughts now

How to Make Pumpkin Spice Coffee?


1/4 cup coffee powder

1 teaspoon powdered allspice

1/2 teaspoon crushed cinnamon

4 cups water

2 teaspoons cream and 1 teaspoon sugar (to taste)

  • In a small bowl, mix the ground coffee, allspice, and cinnamon and put in a drip coffee maker’s filter.
  • Add 4 cups of water to the coffee machine and switch on.
  • Pour into 2 cups until the coffee has stopped dripping.
  • Garnish with milk and sugar.

How to Make Espresso?


  • Fill the reservoir of your espresso machine or hook up its water line.
  • Then turn on your engine to heat up. That can take 15–45 minutes. 

What is Piccolo Latte?

picccolo latte

As we know, the drink became popular among the coffee roasting fraternity in the Sydney coffee scene about ten years ago, and soon spread its wings around the world.