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What is Decaf Coffee?


  • Decaffeination involves removing caffeine from coffee beans, cocoa tea leaves, and other products containing caffeine. Typically, decaffeinated drinks contain 1–2% of the original content of caffeine, and sometimes as much as 20%. 

  • Decaffeinated goods are commonly called decaf.
  • Coffee beans have many ways to remove caffeine. They are mostly water, organic solvents or carbon dioxide.
  • Coffee beans are washed in water until the caffeine is extracted, then the solvent is removed. You can also extract coffeine using carbon dioxide or a charcoal filter — a process known as the Swiss Water Method.
  • The beans are decaffeinated before roasting and soiling. Apart from the caffeine content, the nutritional value of decaf coffee should be nearly identical to regular coffee. The taste and smell may get a little milder, however, and the color may change depending on the process used.
  • To those who are sensitive to the bitter taste and smell of regular coffee, this can make decaf coffee more pleasing.

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