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What Precautions Do You Have to Take to Avoid COVID19 if You’re a Coffee Lover ?


Are you a true coffee lover?

Do you miss your coffee friends and hangouts during this pandemic period even after lock down removed many part of the world?

Here are some precautions you have to take…

* Clean your stuffs

After each time you use it, clean your equipments such as coffee makers, cups and other accessories and machines by using good quality sanitizers or soaps. Before cleaning up your coffee maker, you must read the user guide and strictly follow instructions. If you are going to cafe to have coffee, ensure cafes are following the hygiene protocol given by local authorities

* Sanitise your hands

Don’t forget to continue sanitizing your hands with soap and water for at least 20 seconds or use a hand sanitizer that contains at least 60 % of alcohol once you happened to blow your nose, cough or sneeze.  And also clean as much as possible of every surface you touch throughout the day.

* Buy your products online

In response to Covid 19, many of cities are still having a continuing shutdown of restaurants, coffee shops etc. to save our lives. Buy your favorite coffee and products from online to support this initiative and to be safe.

* Stay safe at home

Try to stay at home as possible as, avoid crowds and hangouts to stop the spread of novel coronavirus. Have your favorite coffee at home and continue enjoying a nice time with your loved ones.

* Use disposable things

Use disposable cups and plates. Disposable goods provide the ease of on-the-go use without the need for cleaning.  And it allows us to avoid the spread of the virus in any way.

* Keep safe distance

Social distancing is an important thing to continue to avoid virus spread during this pandemic period. Try to keep a safe distance even you are at home. If you have guests, try to make distance by treating them well

* Follow directions from concerned authorities

Governments across the globe and agencies including WHO work tirelessly to save lives. They make effective use of every available resource and technology. In the most alarming situation, follow  the instructions given by the government carefully without recourse to fake news.

Stay up-to-date on the Covid – 19.

Do you think more things to be added in the list of precautions, share your thoughts in the comments

3 responses to “What Precautions Do You Have to Take to Avoid COVID19 if You’re a Coffee Lover ?”

  1. Nafsa says:

    A very informative story for a true coffee lover….thanks coffeeshoppee

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